From a land of fire and blood, stories of charm and beauty.


Meet Karim Zand, the musician, who plays with such mastery that rocks rise from the ground and hang in the air; Ahmed the Abandoned, who meets a fabulous talking bird in the desert, and finds his fortune; Nadia the Beauty, scornful of all suitors until she falls in love with Huckleberry Finn, and the Master Poisoner Nightfall, who sends gnats on a journey of a thousand miles to kill you in your sleep. Magic, mystery and miracles fill these stories of the Hazara people to reveal a forgotten side of the Afghani narrative.



This dazzling narrative is full of wonders and unfamiliar magic, shadows and lightnings. The tales it tells are fascinating in their ordinariness and their strangeness. The Honey Thief is simply delightful to read on its own terms, but it also illuminates the real Afghanistan, that country many great powers have proved keen to invade but rarely to understand. 

Thomas Keneally, bestselling author of Schindler’s List and the upcoming The Daughters of Mars
From Penguin, in bookshops April 12th, 2013